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    TietoEVRY with enhanced abilities within End User Experience

    Press release from TietoEVRY October 8th 2021.

    Understanding how end users experience their digital platform is an ever more business critical topic for our Customers. TietoEVRY have over the years sharpened its focus on this topic, to meet the customer’s needs and demands. Ultimately the end users experience of the devices and applications, irrespective of on-prem, hybrid, cloud and/or web services providing it, is crucial for the perception of the delivered application service. To monitor, measure, and evaluate the End Users Experience is therefore of the utmost importance.

    TietoEVRY have the competence and tools to help answer these questions and monitor actual end user experience, and are now accelerating these services together with Kanari and Aternity! TietoEVRY has strengthen its internal capability by teaming up with the industry leading software from Aternity combined with domain expertise and operational experience from our long-term partner Kanari.

    “Together, we will create the best software intelligence available for End User Experience. For some of our customers, this investment means accelerated focus on capabilities already established. For other customers, this represents a change in technology and enablement of new services and added functionality, providing an enhanced digital advantage to their business. This represents a vast opportunity for new and existing customers with limited or no insights into their end user experience today.” comments Jon Anders Midthun, Head of Automation, End user Services.

    TietoEVRY is providing outcome based service deliveries, governed by Experience Level Agreements (XLA) and visualized by Experience Indicators (XI) using industry benchmarked key metrics.

    “We are proud to partner with TietoEVRY and Aternity to provide even better end user monitoring solutions for the TietoEvry’s customers with Kanari’s domain and operational experience. Unlocking the capabilities of Aternity’s powerful software solutions by ensuring optimal integration with the existing IT environment, as well as conducting best practice analysis of the data retrieved put us in a great position to deliver insight and value to the customers.” comments Philip Duns, CEO Kanari.

    “We’re thrilled to be working with innovative partners like TietoEVRY and Kanari who provide customers with in-depth observability, visibility, and monitoring of the end user experience. With the Aternity Digital Experience Management Platform providing actionable insight into every device, app, and click, TietoEVRY and Kanari are enabling their customers to continuously improve the digital experience of their customers and employees.” explains Beau Andersen, Vice President EMEA Aternity.

    “Workspace Analytics enables a holistic enterprise view of the SR-Bank utilized business critical applications. We are now working more proactively together with our vendor to target factual proven bottlenecks and to increase internal productivity” explains Øyvind Braut, SpareBank 1 SR-Bank.