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    Digital transformation to maximize growth opportunities

    It is made up of servers around the world that you can utilize. Cloud migration means moving data, applications and other business elements out of your own server and into several external servers. Like moving from a small office to a larger one. It requires planning and some effort and adjustment, but it is regarded as the most effective IT environment available, from point of view of cost, flexibility, performance and security.


    The sky is not the limit

    Cloud computing offers several benefits. It is scalable and offers the flexibility to handle larger peak-time workloads than traditional servers. Applications that require frequent alteration and adjustment naturally belong in the cloud. The cost associated with maintenance and upgrades is often reduced, and you can focus on other business processes. The cloud can offer sites closer to the end-user and reduce latency. And employees can access data from anywhere, no matter where in the world they are.

    “When you’re a kid, you lay in the grass and watch the clouds going over, and they can be anything you like.”

    Tarjei Utnes, Solutions Architect at Kanari

    Higher, faster, better

    With Kanari, your head can be in the cloud while both your feet are firmly planted on the ground.

    We combine market-leading software systems to create an integrated and fully customized solution. And we combine consulting with hands-on practical experience. We deliver digital transformation to maximize growth opportunities.

    There are many cloud scenarios to choose from and a hybrid solution will often get the job done. Some old applications can stay where they are today, while others can be moved. Newer solutions may as well be developed directly in the cloud.

    Working hard at not being needed

    We identify the best way to transfer your data. This may even be done physically if your databases are extremely large. And we ensure that everything is intact and secure after migration. Things may change and routines must be implemented to ensure continuous operation during and after migration.

    Migration is really a business decision even if it concerns technology. We help you migrate with less pain, less worry and less effort. Our job is to eventually make ourselves redundant. And we are trying hard to achieve just that.

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