Automation is key

Today’s IT infrastructure is a combination of machines, servers, databases, mobile devices, cloud services and more. It is difficult, if not impossible, for an IT department to monitor all this manually. In order to reduce outages and downtime, avoid network intrusion and increase response time, data needs to be  collected and analyzed automatically.

Avoid major disruptions

Automated monitoring is used to investigate the causes of errors or problems with infrastructure components. Used proactively, monitoring also allows you to avoid major disruptions by identifying poor performance before it leads to much bigger issues.

In short, thorough infrastructure monitoring saves you time, space and money.

“Infrastructure is much more important than architecture.”

Michael Breen, CEO at Kanari

Fine-tuning the business

The aim is to align business objectives and user experiences with the infrastructure’s availability and performance. To achieve this, insight is crucial. But large amounts of data are of no value if they are not analyzed, and the results used to improve performance.

We combine market-leading software systems and create a solution tailor-made to your specific needs. But what makes us stand out is not just what we do, it is how we do it. Insight, transparency and observability are combined with deep knowledge and experience of automation, AI, user experiences and business requirements.

The result is a more flexible platform, reduced downtime and a more efficient organization. This is good for your business, your employees and the end-user.

Your infrastructure is a giant and complex clockwork mechanism – and it should work like clockwork, too. Because it is what makes your business tick.

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