Leading expertise

Today’s connected world has changed the way we live and work. Powered by software, people expect fast delivery and high service quality. To meet these expectations, software and people need to work together in an optimal way. It is this symbiosis that makes everything work properly, with errors detected before they create real problems. The infrastructure is monitored and analyzed carefully – and business is conducted in the best possible way.

A human touch

A well run IT system is the hallmark of successful organizations. As the IT environment is constantly changing, so will the role of the IT manager. Success in this area depends on the most valuable element – the organization’s human resources.

Any IT system is made and operated by people for people, and it needs to be supervised by people. If a machine doesn’t understand you, it is not because it doesn’t want to – but because it is not able to.

«You are surrounded by simple, obvious solutions that can dramatically increase your income, influence and success. The problem is, you just don’t see them.»

Knowing your business is our business

Kanari delivers market-leading software to ensure greater security, increased efficiency, stable operations and better user experiences. But we also deliver hands-on expertise. Our people have vast experience from banking and finance, telecom, the service sector, retail and manufacturing. This layer of expertise, on top of IT, helps us to make your business grow and creates value for you, your employees and your customers. Quite simply, we understand your business.

We undertake both strategic and operational assignments, but are not your traditional consultant. We focus on helping you get the most out of the software you have invested in. In many ways, we provide human resource management in addition to tech resource management.

The magic mix

Software is of little value if it is not used to grow your business. We are big on competence, not hosting or development. Our ongoing employee development programs relieve the pressure on in-house IT staff, so they can spend their time further developing your business.  Our people are committed to keeping your system running and extending its functionality by observing, inferring, anticipating, planning, intervening, and much more.

Companies can achieve substantial boosts in performance and value creation when people and machines work together as allies, not adversaries, and take full advantage of each element’s complementary strengths.

We increase the value of complex IT systems.

Kanari makes sure that complex IT systems work as intended and to best effect. We lead the way on stability and performance analytics (SPA) in the Nordic region.

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