Get an insight into your new hybrid digital ecosystem

With applications moving into the cloud and getting more complicated, traditional network monitoring can’t give a complete view into what is going on.

Also, with an ever more mobile workforce, the growing complexity of the infrastructure dependencies is out of the local IT-departments visibility.

ThousandEyes provides hop-by-hop internet and WAN insights into every network that is part of the user journey.

By using browser synthetics and continuous monitoring emulating real user interactions, ThousandEyes provides insight into application and network performance.

In addition, end-user monitoring is available via agents deployed on user devices providing comprehensive insights into the users’ local network and load on devices.

ThousandEyes Internet Insights displays a live map showing the availability of certain application and service providers based on geography.

To increase the rapidly time to value, ThousandEyes has automated deployment for several key applications (O365, WebEx, Cisco SD-WAN) with predefined tests, dashboards, alerts, and reporting. ThousandEyes was founded in 2012, years and years of best practices were built into the deployment tool.

Comprehensive Network Visibility Using Virtual Agents (Zero Hardware)

  • Cloud Agents, are ThousandEyes preinstalled agents across the globe which can be used to get continuous visibility from an outside-in perspective (e.g: customer experience globally to a mobile banking app).
  • Enterprise Agents that can be deployed within a company’s own network running tests against internal systems (DC to DC) or against outer systems (e.g: SaaS Services).
  • Endpoint Agents installed on end users’ devices can troubleshoot user experience for critical services as the employees are away from the office.

Information Available

  • BGP Monitoring Performance
  • DNS and CDN Monitoring
  • Website Performance
  • SD-WAN Readiness and Migration
  • Zscaler Performance Monitoring
  • WiFi and LAN Monitoring
  • Office 365, Webex, Salesforce Monitoring
  • AWS, Azure and GCP Benchmarking
  • Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Monitoring


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