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    Maximize the value of your observability solutions

    Observability enables you to solve issues affecting the end-user experience before they impact your business. However, businesses often need help to extract the full potential of their solutions, either due to a lack of know-how, human resources, or time. 

    We help businesses achieve their observability goals, maximize ROI, and add transferable competence to their organizations through advisory and managed services.


    Free observability maturity assessment

    We have created a free assessment based on our experience working with some of the largest and most complex enterprises in the Nordics.

    The assessment will help you find your weak spots and areas of improvement so your organization can mature.

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    Benefits of using our services

    Having a robust observability framework is essential for maintaining system reliability, optimizing performance, and driving business success in a complex IT ecosystem.

    As a leading provider of managed observability services in the Nordics, we act as a lighthouse, guiding our customers with expert strategies and unique competencies.


    Accelerated Time to Value

    We streamline the implementation process of observability solutions, ensuring that you can start monitoring and gaining insights without delays.


    Tailored Observability Strategy

    We ensure your observability strategy aligns with your business goals and maximizes the effectiveness of your efforts.


    Seamless Technology Integration

    We facilitate the seamless integration of observability tools and technologies within your existing infrastructure and business.


    Comprehensive Enablement

    We equip your teams with the knowledge and tools to independently monitor and optimize their business areas, enabling observability across your organization.


    Data-Driven Decisions

    We empower you to become more data-driven, providing tools and expertise to gather, analyze, and act on critical information.


    Insight-Driven Innovation

    We provide ongoing support and insights to stay ahead of industry trends and advancements, ensuring your observability framework remains cutting-edge.

    Lorem ipsum about your users’ experiences is easy. The difficult part is turning the data into business value.

    In a complex IT environment, doing it yourself can be challenging and expensive, limiting the upside of your investment and degrading the end-user experience.

    We help you implement and manage DEX solutions to extract more value from the tools you already use, improving ROI and employee satisfaction. With our value-added services, you can access previously impossible data-driven approaches.


    What our clients say about us

    Current Kanari observability customers experience

    90 %

    Reduced Downtime

    60 %

    Reduction in MTTR

    42 %

    Proactive Incident Detection

    Imagine if…


    ... you could avoid 50% of your incidents.

    ... you could resolve most of your issues automatically.

    ... you could remove monitoring gaps and deliver answers at scale.

    ... you could fix the root cause instead of the symptoms.


    … you could increase the quality of the code you release into production.

    … you could reduce deployment lead time.

    … you could shorten mean time to recovery.

    ... contextualize and visualize what you are working on.


    … you could understand your business and customers with dashboards.

    … you could align your IT with your business goals.

    … you could obtain a live overview of your digital value chains.

    ... you could ensure compliance with IT regulations, such as DORA and NIS2.


    … you could bring new functionality to market faster

    … you could get real-time insights into the performance of all your business applications.

    … you could remediate issues affecting the end user automatically.

    ... solve the source of the problems rather than the symptoms.


    Areas of observability

    We offer a bird' s-eye view to provide you with the whole picture of your IT environment, simplifying what's complex and creating business value. Here are some of the areas we cover.

    Infrastructure monitoring

    Automated monitoring is used to investigate the causes of errors or problems with infrastructure components. When used proactively, monitoring allows you to avoid significant disruptions by identifying poor performance before it leads to more significant issues.

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    Log Monitoring

    Log monitoring continuously identifies events or patterns that lead to a specific problem. You will gain valuable insights and enhance your operational, security, and compliance capabilities by monitoring logs. 

    Contact us to learn more


    Application Performance Monitoring

    Application Performance Monitoring (APM) improves user experience and operational efficiency by providing real-time insights and proactively detecting issues for faster troubleshooting. It ensures application reliability, optimizes resource use, supports continuous improvement, and helps achieve business goals through better performance and customer satisfaction.

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    Cloud Migration

    Cloud migration means moving data, applications, and other business elements out of your own server and into several external servers. We identify the best way to transfer your data and ensure everything is intact and secure after migration. 

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    End User Experience

    End-user experience often represents untapped potential for cost savings and productivity increases. We monitor critical parts of the end-user’s machine from their point of view and receive valuable data, providing ultimate insights and diagnosis of each device’s health.

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    Automation provides a novel way of managing complex IT systems and applications, replacing complexity with possibilities, increasing stability and performance, maintaining compliance, reducing costs, and much more. You get effortless onboarding, running your current systems as we build up automation, and you are ready for the next day.

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