Kanari gives you a birds eye view.

The whole picture. The right answers.

Kanari provide end-to-end monitoring, observability and visibility solutions for complex IT environments.

Our consultants drive new value to large enterprises by speeding up their digital transformation, improving customer experience, consolidating applications, and automating tasks.


Key benefits

Increase stability and performance

Prevents incidents through predictive analytics.

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Create better user experiences

Monitors to deliver best-in-class experience.

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Gain more control

In-depth insight to improve systems.

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Optimise IT value chains

Measuring and analysing to optimise system and reduce costs.

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A bird’s eye view

Learn how Kanari increases customer satisfaction and reduces time to market on new functionality with in-depth knowledge and solutions for complex IT environments.

News and insights

TietoEVRY with enhanced abilities within End User Experience

Press release from TietoEVRY October 8th 2021.

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Highly skilled consultants for leading Nordic company

We are now looking to strengthen our team of experts for our offices in…

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Businesses forget the backroom

Many organisations invest heavily in service design and improved user e…

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Håvard Hammer Normann joins Kanari

Håvard Hammer Normann (30) is the new CFO of Kanari. Normann will help…

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