Becoming a data-driven organization

The lack of measuring the progress of business initiatives using data as a primary source to support decisions is where most organizations fail. Kanari helps companies to be more data-driven in their business initiatives.

Decisions we take in business are based on a premise, whether the premise turns out to be right or wrong we need to measure the outcome of that premise and with new assumptions reshape it until the expected outcome is fulfilled.

By 2020, 80% of organizations will initiate deliberate competency development in the field of data literacy, acknowledging their extreme deficiency
– Gartner

Acknowledge the deficiency of analysis

It’s important to acknowledge the deficiency of data analysis within your business. Test new ideas and back it up with hard facts and then iterate to precise assumptions furthermore. This is the best way to get to learn what your customers really want; this is how you get started with a data driven organization.

Organizations fails in using data to support decisions

Organization have been monitoring their IT-systems for years, but the lack of measuring the progress of business initiatives using data as a primary source to support your decisions is where we see most organizations fail. Often the data is solely used for root-cause and problem shooting, this is a two-edged sword, but you only use one side of it.

Monitoring for initiatives

When organizations search for monitoring and competence partners, they sometimes have a narrow idea of what Kanari deliver. These are the mistakes we see they often do:

  • See a monitoring tool as a techy tool that only IT-DevOps teams will get use of (which is a self-fulfilling prophecy).
  • Not using the data as a primary source for business initiatives.
  • Not measuring progress and test the assumptions previously taken

Set KPI´s

The goal should be to always try to learn something new from the data that can support better decisions and improve the business. Setup KPI’s on how progress is defined and evaluate those as a mark of success or failure, swallow the pride of being right – if you’re wrong you will learn something new and get wiser.

Involve the whole enterprise

One challenge is that the whole enterprise needs to be involved on this journey; this is the hardest part of becoming data driven. The need to change mindset and way of working and embrace the hard facts given and also be able to interpret the data given. Not listening to the person with the highest voice but the one who can back up their words with proven facts.

Data-driven approach to initiatives

Kanari can help you to be more data-driven in your business initiatives. We understand the online competition and help you measure not only the business progress but ensures stability and develop data-driven competence within your organization to make more precise assumptions and better decisions.


Create a strategy how the entire enterprise can get involved and acknowledge the hard facts received. To beat competition, you need to act smarter and faster.

Build a team responsible for analytics and data ingestion – the objective should be to structure what can be achieved with the data ingested. The sole purpose of this team is to provide decision makers with data that can help in decision making and prove assumptions being right or wrong.

Continuously follow up on the KPI’s that you’ve set, the interval of reporting is dependent on previously actions taken.

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