Webinar: Why AIOps is a critical component in the journey to autonomous services

AI is driving the next innovation cycle in enterprise software, enabling new levels of intelligent automation and vertical integration. As today’s enterprise systems increase in size, the benefits of digitization and cloud computing go hand-in-hand with technological complexity and operational risks. AI-powered software intelligence holds the promise to tackle these challenges and enable a new generation of autonomous cloud enterprise systems.

While metrics, logs, and traces are important when it comes to observability, they aren’t enough. To understand what’s going on in a modern hybrid multicloud environment, digital teams also need distributed tracing with code-level analysis, insights from the latest open-source standards, as well as user experience and behavior data. This data also needs to be in context, delivered by a continuously updated topology. The ability to correctly model enables a more precise and accurate output. A leading solution for this is Dynatrace, with their OneAgent® Smartscape®, and Davis® AI.

Very often, customers also need to gather information from technologies and devices that don’t accept agents and they need capabilities to ingest data from external data sources through multiple third-party integrations, extensions, and APIs.

While taking advantage of the security and scalability of the platform, customers can seamlessly integrate these additional metrics, logs, events, and traces into the existing topology and context, allowing the external data to ultimately contribute to AI-driven root-cause detection and an accurate foundation for increased automation.



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