Webinar: End-to-end monitoring, observability, and visibility

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Today, all business transactions depend on technology. And stabile IT systems are crucial for daily operations. Thousands of components must work together to ensure optimal quality all day, every day. Kanari has solutions for all enterprises.

Monitoring, analysis and alerts are essential to assess possible errors, detect them and deal with them quickly. We provide companies with end-to-end monitoring and analysis of all environments, whether cloud based, on prem or hybrid. And regardless of third-party delivered services and applications. Wherever an error occurs, Kanari is there to detect and report them in a single pane of glass.

Our solutions provide companies with data to speed up their digital transformation, consolidate applications, and automation of tasks. CTO Michael Breen shares a general overview of solutions that we offer and the newest trends in the market.

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Michael Breen is the CTO, and one of the co-founders of Kanari. He has a vast knowledge within end-to-end monitoring, observability and visibility.