Webinar: Speed up processes and reduce downtime with automation


The rapid growth in the size and complexity of IT systems means managing and monitoring them is becoming increasingly labour intensive.  Automation is revolutionizing how we work and fortunately, adopting automation has never been easier.

By providing a new and better way of managing complex IT systems and applications, Automation is the key to accelerating creativity and productivity. It streamlines processes, opens up opportunities and accelerates businesses. It reduces time to market, increases stability, performance, speed and accuracy. Automation maintains continuous compliance, reduces costs, minimizes human error and increases security.

Join the webinar to learn more and watch some guided demos. Anthony Kalinde, Senior Analyst at Kanari, and Øivind Ekeberg, Senior Solution Architect at Red Hat, will host the webinar and share their insights and thoughts about automation.

Learn how to:

  • Automatically deploy VMWare instance and setup Internet Information Services (IIS) and dependencies.
  • Automatically deploy monitoring.
  • Handle an incident by causing IIS to crash and require remediation.
  • Automatically trigger a remediation that re-runs the deploy IIS.

At the end of the webinar, the hosts will discuss how Automation as a Service (AaaS) effectively accelerates automation adoption and maturity. During the webinar, you can also ask questions in English or one of the Nordic languages.

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When: November 11th at 08:30 AM (GMT+2).
Where: Online

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