At Kanari, Cisco AppDynamics is used to provide full stack observability through the lens of your business, providing real time insights that drive revenue and results. It is available as a fully managed service.

Transform the way modern business is built and run

Performance Management from every line of code to every line of business.

Customers demand flawless performance and they’re loyal to the brands that deliver it. That’s the new reality. AppDynamics helps businesses deliver consistently flawless digital experiences by connecting end-user experience and application performance to business outcomes. AppDynamics monitors, correlates, analyzes, and acts on application and business performance data in real time. This automated, cross-stack intelligence enables developers, IT ops, and business owners to make the mission critical and strategic improvements that win customers at every moment

It’s all about the business

The health of your business is inseparable from the health of your applications. So, the modern application team must include dev, ops and business owners. To deliver actionable, contextual answers for all stakeholders, this team requires end-to-end performance monitoring and management.

We deliver on all levels: Business iQ: Makes clear, actionable correlations between application performance, user experience, and business outcomes. App iQ: Auto-discovers every customer journey, dynamically baselines performance, and delivers code-level diagnostics. Hyperscale Platform: Simplifies enterprise deployment, configuration, management, security, and more. Cross-Stack Visibility: Monitors every component of your application environment.

How does AppDynamics change my world?

Evaluating customer journeys holistically is critical. AppDynamics helps the modern application team proactively prevent problems, validate and prioritize IT investments, and understand exactly how application code impacts business outcomes.

Dev and Test

Release with confidence—every time. Our self-learning, real-time analytics detect anomalies well before production, so you can deliver quality code with complete confidence.

IT Ops

Turn your war room into a break room. We automate end-to-end flow and observability for faster remediation, significantly reducing mean time to innocence.


You’re not just interested in containers and APIs, you’re interested in revenue and customer value. We deliver highly contextualized data to help you drive customer loyalty.

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