Ultimate insight

A sudden blue screen, a crash and yet another restart, freezes and the endless hourglass. Such computer glitches have come to be seen as almost inevitable. Even worse, most errors are never even detected. They simply lurk inside the system waiting for a chance to strike.


In the eye of the beholder

Your system is a giant labyrinth of direct and indirect connections, and the number of possible errors is almost endless. In a typical corporation, hundreds of crashes occur on a regular basis. It is self-evident that a few people cannot possibly monitor all this, let alone fix it, no matter how big the IT department is.

We monitor critical parts of the end-user’s machine from their point of view and receive valuable data. Our solution, made up of different market-leading applications, is used to provide ultimate insight and a diagnosis of each machine’s individual health.

«It’s like your doctor constantly monitoring your vital signs. If you have an injury, your doctor knows about it before you enter his office. And what to do about it”

Andreas Nyvold, Senior Analyst at Kanari

Ahead of the game

What does each end-user really need? Today, a one-size-fits-all approach is common. But this may lead to an unnecessary number of software licenses and maybe a machine with more capabilities than are really needed. With new insight, each machine can be individually customized.

The result is great savings in personnel, purchases and downtime. It means satisfied end-users and less pressure on in-house IT resources. It means more efficiency, more productivity and more control.

It always pays to be prepared and stay alert, because the early bird catches the worm.

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