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    AIOps necessary for high-quality service delivery

    “For many businesses, the use of artificial intelligence (AIOps) has become a key factor in securing a good customer experience,” says Kanari’s COO Morten Hjalland.

    “The growing complexity of the IT services to be delivered, ever rising expectations with regard to the user experience, and end users who are less and less tolerant of faults or defects, have prompted many businesses to start using AIOps,” says Hjalland, who was previously SVP Operations at DNB, Norway’s largest financial services group.

    Crucial for understanding vast volumes of data

    For Kanari, the use of artificial intelligence to collate data from multiple sources is crucial. The company monitors, analyses, troubleshoots and automates systems, irrespective of platform or application.

    “Today, it is almost impossible to find root causes. To find and correct faults, it is necessary for larger operations to use artificial intelligence in their incident and problem-solving processes,” he says.

    Eliminates debate

    By using AIOps to monitor all the different parts of the system, the IT department will quickly identify non-conformances, predict interruptions and resolve issues – without the end user noticing anything at all.

    “Another important factor for organisations which use artificial intelligence is that it eliminates debate about what and where the causes of problems and faults lie,” Hjalland points out.

    Good tools and high-level expertise

    Kanari works with these kinds of challenges every day, across technical specialisations, customers and business sectors throughout the Nordic region.

    “What we bring with us are good tools and a high level of expertise in how they should be deployed to improve the user experience, increase performance and reduce the number of faults and weaknesses in highly complex systems,” says Hjalland.