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We see the whole picture and find the right answers

At the heart of any modern company are its IT systems. Millions of factors determine whether those systems function optimally. In many cases, system owners, suppliers, consultants and users all have different views about problems and solutions.

Kanari sees the whole picture and finds the right answers. We contribute to greater security, increased efficiency and better experiences.

Optimising complex IT value chains

Rapid growth in applications deployed by large enterprises over the last years, combined with a long period of high software spending, has created IT ecosystems with patchworks of legacy software and new solutions.

Kanari enables these enterprises to get control of their IT infrastructure and the quality of their IT deliveries through IT performance solutions. Stability and performance analytics (SPA) is a managed service offering which involves optimising complex IT value chains by reducing downtime and improve performance across all internal and external resources.

Independent auditor

SPA is focused on monitoring, measuring and analysing performance across the IT value chain, with the main objective being to ensure operational efficiency, aiming to deliver a robust, fast and smooth digital experience to all users.

Kanari is an independent provider that works as an “auditor” of the whole IT Group. In a complex IT environment where the customer struggles to identify and locate problems, Kanari is able to analyse and quickly identify problem areas in the IT value chain down to the correct silos and sub supplier, enabled by the capabilities and positioning of the SPA platform in the IT value chain.

Single platform solution – as a service

Through full control of the IT environment from end-user applications, to the IT department’s performance, and the company’s IT suppliers, Kanari is able to enable customers to manage all factors affecting IT performance. Kanari combines market leading software, delivering a single platform solution, with best-in-class competences within complex IT value chains and performance management.