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At Kanari, Servicetrace is used for advanced business metrics, test automation and process automation (RPA). It is available as a fully managed service.

Start your automation journey

With Servicetrace automation solutions you release growth potential that will help you achieve sustained business improvement and really drive success. With our easy to use, drag and drop no code solutions your company will be up and running in no time. Add to that highly secure scalable solutions using intelligent recognition for highest quality results.

Automation, monitoring and testing

XceleratorOne®– holistic automation for end-to-end RPA.

Servicetrace developed this automation platform to enable companies from all industries to successfully implement and scale RPA throughout the entire organization – in a standardized, structured and holistic manner. It includes state-of-the-art technologies for easy and fast process automation. Companies achieve their RPA goals faster and more efficiently, and maximize RPA benefits and return of investment.

Application Performance Monitoring from an end user perspective.  

When IT is running, the business is running, which also makes it so important to monitor application performance. With Servicetrace software robots you can check business-critical applications 24/7 from the user’s perspective and from locations worldwide – thus providing essential data for your service level management. With this proactive approach to user experience, you can detect and resolve problems before employees or customers are affected.

Test Automation: Automated software testing with software robots. 

In an agile environment, digital innovations and updates are released in ever faster cycles. This leads to a high working load for software testers. Only continuous testing can ensure continuous delivery of quality-proofed software. Test Automation is the key to cope with a high amount of test cases – within a short time and in high quality. Servicetrace software robots test software on the graphical user interface (GUI) just like human users – but faster, 24/7 and error-free.

Key benefits

Precise answers, automatically. Automatic instrumentation for dynamic microservices, high fidelity data in context for all transactions, and unique hybrid support to see the entire cloud and its dependencies in real time.

Intelligent observability. See it all in-context, including, metrics, logs, traces, entity relationships, UX, behaviour and vulnerability scores.

Continuous automation. Make it easy with automatic deploy, config, discovery, topology, performance, updates and more.

AI assistance. Free your time with precise answers for problem resolution and performance improvements.

Cross team collaboration. Eliminate silos and accelerate teamwork with a single source of truth for your Biz, Dev, Sec and Ops teams.

User experience and business analytics. Deliver remarkable experiences across every user journey and maximise business KPIs and revenue.

About the company

Servicetrace has been developing innovative Robotic Solutions for 15 years – entirely “made in Germany”. Their patented technology and forward-thinking solutions are trusted by global players across industries, including many of the 2,000 largest companies in Europe. As early as 2004, they were among the first to start developing software robots and automation solutions. This pioneering spirit and ambition to shape the digital future and working world of their customers continues to distinguish them.

They always place the end user at the centre of their thinking and development includes close collaboration with customers. Their products give people and organizations freedom from tedious, repetitive tasks to get back precious time for new ideas and innovation.


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