At Kanari, we use ScienceLogic to provide insights and visibility across technologies and infrastructures. These are combined into an artificial intelligence engine which can draw on a vast library of automations. It is available as a fully managed service.

Intelligent & Automated IT Operations

In today’s modern IT environments, agility requires machine learning and data-driven automation—the foundation for artificial intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps). With the ScienceLogic SL1 platform, you can make your ITOps to AIOps transformation initiatives a reality with:

  • Monitoring: Gain complete visibility across IT environments. Obtain infrastructure and application visibility with real-time discovery for hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
  • Business Services: Understand business service health and impact. Shift from device-centric to service-centric operations to prioritize and remediate customer-impacting issues.
  • Automations: Accelerate intelligent, automated workflows. Reduce manual processes, lower costs and speed resolution of service-impacting incidents by automating IT workflows.

The ScienceLogic SL1 Platform

The ScienceLogic SL1 platform enables companies to digitally transform themselves by removing the difficulty of managing complex, distributed IT services.

ScienceLogic uses patented discovery techniques to find everything in your network, so you get visibility across all technologies and vendors running anywhere in your data centers or clouds.

The power of our platform is that we collect and analyze millions of data points across your IT universe to help you make sense of it all. We automatically provide a complete inventory, track dynamic relationships between technologies, notify you about issues needing immediate attention, and enable you to initiate corrective actions – all in real-time. We also collaborate with you to integrate the platform with the rest of your IT management ecosystem so you can share data and automate your IT processes.

What Makes SL1 Unique

Purpose-built for hybrid-cloud environments. See IT all in one place. It doesn’t matter if your infrastructure and apps are running on-premises, in the cloud, or both.  SL1 brings all your data together with in-depth operational support for traditional data centers, cloud-native services, and hyperscalers.

Multi-Tiered Business Services. Avoid service outages with real-time visibility into how your shared infrastructure impacts different levels of your digital business services and apps. SL1 applies machine learning analytics to automatically map dynamic service relationships, dependencies, and behaviors within and across your entire IT universe.

ML-Driven Behavioral Correlation. Accelerate service impact and root-cause analysis by correlating events and anomalies within a business service context.  Cut through the noise to prioritize work and respond to issues faster with Behavioral Correlation.

Accurate CMDB. If you use ServiceNow or any other ITSM solution, you can get more out of your investment.  Automatically synchronize your CMDB with the ScienceLogic monitoring environment so you can resolve incidents faster and automate ITSM workflows like ticketing, routing, troubleshooting, problem management, and more.

IT Workflow Automation. Leverage the SL1 Automation Library of extensive, best practice triage and remediation steps to automate routine IT processes and workflows. Federate and synchronize data across multiple systems and platforms to drive operational efficiency and keep pace with business and customer expectations.

About ScienceLogic

ScienceLogic is a leader in IT Operations Management, providing modern IT operations with actionable insights to predict and resolve problems faster in a digital, ephemeral world. Its IT infrastructure monitoring and AIOps platform sees everything across cloud and distributed architectures, contextualizes data through relationship mapping, and acts on this insight through integration and automation. Trusted by thousands of organizations, ScienceLogic’s technology was designed for the rigorous security requirements of United States Department of Defense, proven for scale by the world’s largest service providers, and optimized for the needs of large enterprises.



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