Misha Yang

Senior Analyst

Phone: +46 721749441

Misha Yang on LinkedIn

Misha works as a Senior Analyst and is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Before joining Kanari in 2022, he honed his IT-Monitoring skills, since 2009, in a broad range of sectors such as in: Investment Banking, Fintech, Government Healthcare, Software Development firms and the Retail sector. This has resulted in a likewise broad range of experiences in these fields, but his heart has always been beating soundly for IT-Monitoring, both APM (Application Performance Monitoring) and ITIM (IT Infrastructure Monitoring). The dream has always been to use the proper tools to be able to receive actionable data from a monitoring system. And in real time be able to predict AND prevent Incidents, both major and minor. Add to that, the ability to predict the impact of changes, and in detail measure performance metrics of the intended improvement (or setback) caused by the implementation of these changes. His main focus is always to strive for solutions and implementations that, in the first place, take the customers’ needs into careful consideration. Misha Yang holds a vocational degree from C3L Stockholm as a Cisco CCNA Certified Network Engineer.